Debt Negotiators Get back in control of your debts

What is Debt Negotiation?

debt-negotiatorsAfter you have called Just Budget and we discussed your situation the next step is debt negotiation. The debt negotiators at Just Budget are experts in debt negotiation and know all of the relevant Australian legislation that surrounds credit and debt. When it comes to debt, we know your rights. In addition to this, our team is experienced with dealing with a wide range of credit providers and have built strong relationships with these organisations. Using our legal knowledge and our established relationships with credit provides, we are able to effectively negotiate on behalf of our clients and create greater understanding about their situation to creditors.


Debt Negotiators that Really make a Difference

There is a lot of miscommunication that surrounds debt conflicts between creditors and borrowers. People who are unable to pay back their debts may feel intimidated by their creditors. This may lead to an aggressive attitude towards credit providers or even complete avoidance. This can make matters much worse and can have severe consequences. On the other side of the coin, credit providers may not believe a client if they explain that they cannot make their payments. The creditor may feel that the borrower is inventing excuses just to get out of their repayment responsibilities. Sadly, this miscommunication can lead to defaults, high tension and even bankruptcy. This is where Just Budget can help.

At Just Budget, we are expert debt negotiators. We know how to communicate your situation to your creditors and know the Australian legislation that protects your rights. Through this we can create real results that can help you get back in control of your debts.


Can Debt Negotiators Reduce My Monthly Repayments?

The short answer is yes. In many cases Just Budget’s debt negotiators can lead to reduced monthly payments for up to six months while you get back in control. The important thing to remember here is that every situation is different and therefore the needs of our clients will be different. Just Budget uses debt negotiation to ensure the best result for the client is met.

To find out more about this, please see our debt reduction page.


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