Target Market Determination

Last Updated: 9th June 2023

Just Budget Pty Ltd, ABN 91 166 853 327, and its subsidiaries (“we”/”us”/”our”), provide professional debt management to clients facing, or at risk of, financial hardship. Our services include budgeting, assessing finances, negotiating with creditors, and tailored financial hardship solutions.

1.1 Target Market Characteristics:

This product is designed for individuals:

  • Who are 18 years or older.
  • Experiencing financial hardship (including those with unmanageable debts and risk of insolvency).
  • Seeking assistance to manage their debt.
  • Experiencing circumstances that may impair their ability to effectively manage their debts.
  • Who understand the costs and implications of our service.
  • Who are willing and able to engage in regular communication and provide information, financial or otherwise, when requested.
  • Who are committed to becoming debt free.

1.2 Negative Target Market:

This product is not suitable for:

  • Individuals under the age of 18.
  • People who are not currently experiencing financial hardship.
  • Individuals who can effectively manage their financial obligations without assistance.
  • Those unwilling or unable to engage in regular communication or provide the necessary information.

1.3 Conditions and Restrictions:

Engagement with Just Budget Pty Ltd requires the client’s active participation, ongoing communication, and commitment to the proposed arrangement. The client should be able to comprehend and accept the terms and conditions. The costs involved will be clearly explained verbally and further communicated electronically.

Review Mechanisms:

Just Budget Pty Ltd will conduct regular reviews of the TMD to ensure it remains accurate and relevant. Reviews will occur annually or more frequently if there are significant changes to the business model, service delivery, or regulatory environment.

Record-Keeping Obligations:

Just Budget Pty Ltd will keep comprehensive records of all client interactions, including their circumstances, service journey, and outcomes. These records will be maintained for at least seven years, in line with ASIC’s regulatory requirements.

Review Triggers:

Triggers for a review include:

  • Legislative or regulatory changes that impact the service and/or target market.
  • Significant changes to the business model.
  • Instances of repeated inappropriately engaged clients or inappropriate marketing of the product.
  • Customer complaints or feedback indicating that the product may not be meeting their needs.

Date of Determination:

This Target Market Determination is valid from 6th June 2023 until the next scheduled review, or as necessitated by changes to the business or regulatory environment.

Contact Information:

For any questions or concerns regarding this Target Market Determination, please contact our Compliance Officer at:

Disclaimer: This TMD does not constitute personal financial advice. It is essential that individuals consider their personal circumstances, financial situation, and needs before deciding to engage with Just Budget Pty Ltd.