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If you are experiencing difficulty making payments on your loans, give the team at Just Budget a call to get started on your debt relief plan today.

Debt Management System

Our Proven Debt Management System

What Is Debt Management?

Debt management is the act of managing your finances through personal budgeting and a well formulated  plan (DMP). This kind of plan is put into place to help people decrease and eliminate their existing and future debts.

Our debt management system has been designed to give you a complete solution to get you back in control and make sure your creditors area paid on time every time.  Just Budget is here to help you.

Our Debt Management System Works

Just Budget’s proven debt management system has helped hundreds of Australians who were struggling with their debts. Our unique process has been designed to help you in many ways and our expert team will go above and beyond to truly understand your situation.

Situations  Just Budget Can Help With:

Get out from under crippling debt in Australia

Just Budget 3-Step Debt Management System

Just budget step 1

Step 1

Our debt management system will help you establish what you can afford to pay your creditors based on your current circumstances.
Just budget step 2

Step 2

We will work with your creditors and arrange for them to accept payments based on your financial situation for a period of time, typically six months.
Just budget step 3

Step 3

We’ll manage all the payments to your creditors to make sure they are paid on time, every time so you don’t need to worry about it again.