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Debt management is the act of managing your finances through personal budgeting and a well-formulated plan (DMP). This kind of plan is put in place to help people decrease and eliminate their existing and future debts.

Our debt management system has been designed to give you a complete solution to get you back in control and make sure your creditor’s are paid on time every time.  Just Budget is here to help you.

We Help Australians Drowning in Debt

Just Budget’s proven debt management system has helped hundreds of Australians who were struggling with their debts. Our unique process has been designed to help you in many ways and our expert team will go above and beyond to truly understand your situation.

We can help with the following…

Get out from under crippling debt in Australia

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Easy 3 step debt management system

Don’t suffer on your own. Our debt management can help reduce your money worries.

Complete Our Free Budget Planner

Work out your budget in detail to determine your income vs your expenditure. This helps highlights your ability to pay your creditors.

Develop A Debt Management Plan

We will work alongside you to write out your personally tailored informal debt arrangement proposal, detailing what you can afford to pay.

We do all the hard work for you

We contact your creditors & negotiate with the goal to reduce your interest/fees, lower your balance, restructure payments then organise your payments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Debt Management

First think to remember is don’t panic. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have debt collectors calling, demanding sums of money you simply don’t have. There are also the letters. You are not alone. Many Australians are struggling with the burden of debt thinking that there is no way out.

At Just Budget we want to reassure your that there is always a way forward. 

The first step in your journey to become debt-free is to understand where your money goes, how much you owe and how much you can afford to pay while still keeping a roof over your head, food on the table and meet everyday expenses. We highly recommend using our no-obligation, free budget planner as a starting point. A Just Budget consultant can then analyse this data to get a clear picture of what to do moving forward. This budget forms part of the proposal we send to creditors, enabling us to negotiate reasonable and fair payment terms taking the stress off your shoulders.

Absolutely “no”. Our goal is to help you get back under control and to put your into the driver’s seat of your finances. Once your debt is being managed and in control, you can get back on with life.

The last thing we want to do is to impact your credit future in a negative way. Our informal debt arrangement is a way to manage debt without taking the drastic step of a Part 9.

A Part 9 debt Debt Agreement has many serious implications and can even affect your career options.

Many debt management companies will push you into a Part 9 Agreement without exploring other options first. We make sure we find you the most flexible and easiest debt management plan, so you can face the future with confidence. 

There is a place for Part 9 Debt Agreements but it certainly is not the only solution available, and definitely not our first option for our clients.

While we recommend our online budget planner as the first place to start, if you want to start out on your own, it’s a good idea to prioritise your debts starting with your home and essential bills:

  • rent or mortgage payments
  • council rates and body corporate fees
  • electricity, gas and water
  • car repayments — if you need your car for work or essential travel

If these are getting the better of you you can always call creditors and request help with financial hardship.

You can also request financial hardship less important debts such as:

There is a National Debt Helpline with a step-by-step guide to assist with prioritising your debts.

If this is too much to deal with, Just Budget will support your debt management plan to get you back to financial freedom.