Our Debt Management System Get back in control of your debts

Why Use Just Budget’s Debt Management System?

A better question would be why wouldn’t you use us? After all, who wants to spend their life worrying about how they are going to pay their bills when they are going though a difficult time.

Our debt management system is designed around you. Our friendly team will take the time to really understand your situation and we will quickly assess how we can help. Through our experience and expertise in debt management and all relevant Australian legislation, we can take the pressure of your creditors away from you and help you get back on top of things again. You owe it you yourself and your family to make a positive change and take control.

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Debt Management: Why use Just Budget?

You’re an individual
Because everyone’s different, we take the time to listen and learn about your financial situation. This way we can tailor a debt management solution just for you.
Your budget, your way
Together we’ll set up a personalised budget based on your situation.
An end to the calls and letters
Our team will deal with your creditors and make sure the angry phone calls and letters stop, so you can relax again.
Never worry about making a payments
We’ll work with your creditors and arrange for them to accept payments you can afford while you get back in control. We’ll also manage these payments for you so you don’t have to worry about who to pay.
In many cases we can help you to keep your good credit rating
While a credit provider may report an application for financial assistance or hardship, this is not the same as a default. In fact our involvement may actually stop a credit provider entering a negative listing against you.