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Just Budget is a well-respected and trusted company operating in the personal budgeting and debt mediation industry. Our Just Budget debt management system can help you get back in control of your debts while you get back in control of your life.

Our team is highly experienced in helping people based on their individual circumstances. We are able to work effectively with credit providers to reach agreed payment terms and manage these payments on behalf of our clients.

Every team member has a range of options that they can talk you through, starting with a comprehensive free budget planner, so you can see where your money goes, and formulate a solution based upon your financial circumstances.

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Get Happy again With Your Debt Under Control

Our goal is to remove the pressure from our clients and help them pay off their finances effectively and efficiently.

Due to our industry contacts and close working relationships with many credit providers, we are often able to deliver our clients a positive outcome, even if they had been unable to resolve the matter themselves in the past.

At Just Budget we want people to be happy with our solution, so you are happy and stress-free once more.

Meet Your Just Budget Experts

Meet the team

Your Just Budget team helps Australians based on their unique circumstances. To help to ease financial stress, Just Budget offers expert solutions, setting financial goals and putting debt relief plans in place in order to achieve your goals.

To reach affordable payment terms, Just Budget works effectively with credit providers and debt collection companies to lower your repayments, reduce or freeze interest and make paying off your debt an achievable goal. With close working relationships with these credit providers, Just Budget consultants are able to negotiate and manage  your payments to save time, stress and money.

We combine your debt into one manageable amount and deal with repayments on your behalf. You’ll be able to take control and get back to enjoying life again.

Check Out These Debt Solution Results

Name Total Debt Before Just Budget Monthly Repayments Before Just Budget NEW Monthly Repayments
Iris $136,674.27 $5,462.81 $3,000
Kristen $113,750.38 $7,771.41 $3,000
Allan $73,364.84 $3,116.65 $2,000
Flynn $67,480.73 $4,215.48 $1,000.00
Joshua $38,466.76 $3,620.62 $1,100
Ronda $25,263.04 $1,648.79 $450.00
Christopher $17,281.71 $2,734.72 $800.00
Toriann $10,715.27 $2,442.31 $240.00
Gabrielle $9,086.09 $1,220.07 $800.00
Dillon $6,093.73 $2,556.47 $700.00

The figures in this table are from genuine client outcomes. The selections were taken at random and are not intended to represent or guarantee that other clients will achieve the same or similar outcomes.  Each result is dependent on a range of factors.

From the above examples, we were able to achieve an average monthly repayment reduction of 67%.

We are All About Making things better

why choose just budget

We have helped hundreds of Australians, just like you, to get back in control of their lives. 

Just Budget’s system is tailored to each of our client’s situation, meaning we focus on generating debt management results that really make a difference. For many of our clients, our debt management system helps to restructure payments to their creditors while they get back on top of things. We also take away the pressures of dealing with creditors meaning you can spend less time stressed and more time working to get back in control. Avoiding bankruptcy, preserving credit ratings, removing stress and regaining financial control are all results that we are proud to help our client’s achieve.

Nearly everyone experiences debt, but debt should not rule your life. If you are struggling with your debts or have creditors knocking on your door, then call Just Budget today. Our debt management results can help you regain control of your finances and stop the stress of intimidating creditors. Just Budget wants to help you. Together we can create real debt management results.

Real debt management results start with one simple step: a phone call or email.

Why Choose Just Budget FAQs

Just Budget was founded by financial specialists who understand the complexities of debt management. We are here to offer debt relief strategies and financial assistance. Our experts can help you to regain control of your budget and as a result, achieve your financial goals, short and long term. Our products and services are geared towards looking for the best workable solution to your debt problems. Our aim is to help you to get out of debt, and if possible, avoid it altogether! We offer budgeting tools, financial assistance and a wide range of services. Consequently, we are well suited to help with almost any debt issue. Remember, many people struggle with debt and there are always solutions. Our financial support team can guide you through to becoming debt-free.

First and foremost, we are here for you. Our aim is to care for you and support you in any way that we can. Offering debt relief, Just Budget is able to provide unique budgeting plans and tailored assistance to suit each individual. If we can help you to keep on track with your money, while meeting your financial goals and reducing stress, then we know we have done a good job. Life is short and there are a lot of things to worry about, but we believe that money doesn’t need to be one of them. This is why we are here, to provide you with a pathway to avoid worrying about your finances again.

As well as helping with budgets and offering general financial assistance, we provide a wide range of services to suit you. Our Debt Management, Consolidation, Negotiation and Agreement services each help you to manage debt in different ways. On top of this, our Credit Support service provides you with the opportunity to wipe your slate clean and get your credit history repaired. Our business and personal loans can also provide you with the financial support you need.

Most people find themselves tied up in debt at some point in their life. The important thing is doing something about it. Whether it be simple budgeting or financial planning that you need, or more, we are here to help. If you need your money managing, then we can act as the wall between yourself and your creditors. We can consolidate your debts into one so you no longer owe multiple debts at random times of each month. You then pay us one single amount and we deal with the creditors. This way, you can be sure that your bills will be paid on time and you can organise your money more easily with just one payment. In addition, what’s best of all about our service is that in some cases, we can even negotiate your debt so that you end up paying less than previously!