Debt Resolutions Get back in control of your debts

What are Debt Resolutions?

debt-resolutions-for-familiesThere are many ways to approach debt resolutions. At Just Budget, debt resolutions can be defined as the overall plan to help you get back in control of your debts. There are a number of strategies and approaches that Just Budget uses to achieve the best possible outcome. It is therefore vital that we analyse our clients’ situation and assess what is the best way forward.

Debt resolutions start with our initial phone call with you. In this quick conversation we will ask you about your situation, your finance, your debts and your lifestyle. Don’t worry, there are no credit checks here, so calling us will NOT affect your credit file. After this quick conversation, we can work with your creditors and take all the pressure off you.  We can even manage all the payments for you so you wont need to worry about who to pay when.  We can typically reduce your repayments with your unsecured creditors for up to six months giving you time to get back in control of things.


Our debt resolutions team then work to stop intimidating calls and letters from creditors. We use Australian legislation to do this, which restricts stressful communication and will allow you peace of mind. At this point you have successfully made the first steps to getting back in control. You will have less stress and should be feeling confident about your financial future. With a strong debt resolutions plan as the foundation, we can then work with you and your creditors to ensure that you are able to get back in control of your finance and debts.

The next process in our debt management system is debt negotiations.


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