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Personal Loans

Personal loans are a great way to access funds for things such as home improvements and unexpected expenses. If you have a solid source of income to cover the repayments, but simply and need some extra funds to cover costs then a personal loan can be a great option. Personal loans often come with lower interest-rates than credit cards and so long as you can keep up with payments then your credit score can even benefit from having one.

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Short Term Loans

Generally, you are expected to repay a short-term loan within a year. These are particularly useful for things such as car repairs where you need money fast. It is important to ensure that you will have the resources to repay this loan however. Particularly since this loan has a shorter repayment schedule.


Quick Loans

If you need emergency funding, then a quick loan could be suitable. However, while quick loans can be approved fast with little documentation, repayments are also needed quickly and interest rates can be higher than a standard personal loan.

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Refinance Loans

It is possible to replace an existing debt repayment plan with a new one, under different terms. Let’s say your car is under a 3-year finance agreement and you have 1 year of the plan left, but you are finding that you are struggling to afford your repayments each month. You can apply to refinance the rest of the money owed. It may be possible to simply refinance it into a smaller APR which can save you money, or alternatively extend the repayment length to 2 years and pay less each month.

Life is constantly testing us and pushing us to our limits. Sometimes you need extra support and this is where personal loans can come in to help. Personal loans can be used for a number of things, such as:
Medical emergency loans

Medical Expenses

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Motor Vehicles




Home Renovations

Responsible Lending 

You will be able to keep on track with repayments

Never get a loan that you cannot afford to pay back.

You apply for one loan at a time. If you get rejected, it’s time to check your credit score.

Each time you apply for credit, it shows up on your credit file as a ‘Credit Enquiry’.

How much do you actually need to borrow?

Always have a clear plan of how much you actually need to borrow. We can help with this.

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