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What are personal loans?

Personal loans are great if you need finance for a specific reason. This could be to buy a car, get dental work, consolidate debt or finance a holiday.

Unlike credit cards, personal loans are usually a secured form of finance.

This means that your loan will need securing against a personal asset. However, aside from this risk, it means that interest rates will be lower and you can borrow higher amounts than you could with unsecured forms of finance, such as credit cards.

While credit cards can be paid off at your own pace, personal loans come with a set repayment plan. This is mutually agreed upon before entering into the finance agreement. Therefore, you should never borrow more than you can afford to pay back.

Having a clear repayment structure can make budgeting easier and you can save far more money with a personal loan than you could with a credit card due to the lower interest rates.

Personal Loan Benefits

Being a responsible lender can make personal loans an incredibly beneficial form of finance:

business debt consolidation

Personal Loan Application Process

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Personal Loans Frequently Asked Questions


Just Budget takes pride in being able to help our clients, no matter what their situation. We understand that life doesn’t always go to plan. Getting into a position of bad credit could be as simple as forgetting to pay a couple of bills on time and you shouldn’t be punished for that.

We offer flexible and competitive bad credit personal loans so you can get the financial backing you need even when the banks have said no.

Enquiring with Just Budget is 100% obligation free and has no impact on your credit score, so you can feel confident when getting in touch with us. Remember, we are here to help and put you in a better position!

It takes less than 30 seconds to apply for a personal loan with Just Budget.

From here, our finance specialists will look at your enquiry and find a solution best suited to you, usually within minutes, always within the same day. If we cannot help, then we will forward you onto one of our finance partners who can.

If we can help then one of our loan specialists will call you to discuss your situation in greater depth and find a tailored solution to benefit you. This will all happen within the same day of applying for finance.

After accepting your application and finding a finance solution for you, your funds will be released and should arrive in your account between 24 – 72 hours depending upon your banking institution.

Generally speaking, the entire process of applying for a personal loan takes 72 hours from applying to receiving the funds in your bank.

Personal loans are so flexible that they can be used for just about anything.

From car repairs, to home renovations, to student fees, to booking the holiday of your dreams, personal loans come bursting with opportunity!

Perhaps you urgently need to borrow $7,000 to cover unexpected car repairs. If your personal loan application is approved, then this $7,000 will land in your account ready to be spent. From here, you will have a clear repayment schedule, on your terms.

If you want to borrow $7,000, then the interest and fees will be communicated to you and a repayment plan will be put in place. You can choose to pay smaller amounts each month and have a longer repayment period, or pay more off each month with a shorter repayment period.

Credit cards can be tempting. Having the freedom to spend money on your credit card can be great if you need a little helping hand to tide you over until your next payday, or if you are buying electronics and would like to gain the benefit of credit card purchase protection and extended warranty. They can also help to boost your credit score if used responsibly and paid back straight away.

However, if used irresponsibly, credit cards can very quickly spiral out of control and before you know it, you are borrowing more money to pay off your credit card, creating a dangerous, endless cycle. Interest rates also come with far higher interest rates than personal loans with the average credit card interest rate being approx 18% (2021) and the average personal loan interest rate being approx 10% (2021).

If you have a specific reason to borrow money, then personal loans are your answer. Unlike a credit card, funding from personal loans arrives directly in your bank account so you can spend it on whatever your heart desires. This makes personal finance far less restrictive than a credit card. In addition to this, you can be approved a personal loan even if you have bad credit, which is highly unlikely with a credit card.

While credit cards are an unsecured form of finance, meaning there is no risk of losing personal assets if you fail to keep up with repayments, this also means that you can borrow far less than you could with a personal loan.

When it comes to repayments, the payment schedules set with a personal loan are also far clearer than that of credit cards. With personal loans, you are given a clear amount to repay each month and a clear timeline for which the loan will be paid off by. Meanwhile credit cards do not have set repayment amounts. Instead, repaying credit cards can be unclear and confusing. You can make minimum repayments each month and be paying your credit card off forever, or pay it all off in one go. That is completely up to you, but the longer you are making credit card repayments, the more interest you will pay.

In summary…

  • Personal Loans have lower interest rates.
  • Personal Loans come with a clearer repayment structure.
  • Personal Loans arrive directly in your bank account, meaning greater flexibility.
  • Personal Loans allow you to borrow high amounts of money.
  • Personal Loans can be approved regardless of your credit score.
  • Credit Cards include purchase protection and extended warranty when buying goods.
  • Credit Cards can be used at any time (if you have already have one).
  • Credit Cards can be paid off in your own time (and at a greater cost).
  • Credit Cards do not need securing against personal assets.