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Debt consolidation combines all of your debts into one easy monthly repayment

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Debt Consolidation

How does debt Consolidation work?

What Is Debt Consolidation?

debt consolidation to save interest

Debt Consolidation saves money and Stress

If you have multiple debts which you are finding expensive, hard to manage and stressful, then Debt Consolidation helps to solve these problems by combining all of your existing debts into 1 repayment plan.

You can consolidate a wide range of debts, from personal loans to credit cards and the benefits are endless.

From lowering your overall interest rate to having only 1 debt with 1 repayment schedule; debt consolidation puts financial control back in your hands. You can also sleep easy with no more harassing calls from creditors. After entering into a debt consolidation loan, your creditors are paid off, meaning you only have 1 debt commitment with 1 new lender.

You can also expect to see an improvement to your credit rating! (more about this in our FAQ’s below).

Just Budget Focuses On Simplifying Your Money

Just Budget have 1 simple aim when it comes to debt consolidation – to help you to save money. We will never lead you towards an unfavourable outcome.

Debt consolidation with Just Budget is focused on making your life easier, more stress-free and more affordable. In addition to our wide range of finance products and our specialist support, we also offer an extensive free online budget planner to help you to calculate your budget and keep on top of your debts more easily.

Just Budget’s approach always has been and always will be client-focused. This is what makes us different from most other financial institutions. We understand that each person is unique. This is why we always tailor our service to find the best outcome for each individual situation. Our goal is to help our clients get back in control of their finances and move forwards positively.

Debt consolidation
secured debt consolidation

Secured Debt Consolidation Loans

It is important to note that in most cases, debt consolidation loans need to be secured against a personal asset due to the high amount of debt that is likely to be accumulated under the loan. Securing a loan against personal assets does have many positives, however:

The Debt Consolidation Process

Having everything in one place puts you back in control of your finances. Breathe easy knowing that your creditors will be off your back. We will act as a wall between yourself and your creditors. Not only does Debt Consolidation tidy up your debts into a manageable payment plan, but it can actually save you money. If you have many debts with different interest-rates, these are fixed into one smaller rate which can save you thousands each year.

The process of debt consolidation is simple:

Simplify Your Life and Save Money With A Debt Consolidation Loan

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If approved, we will aim to consolidate all of your current debts into a loan with the best rates and terms possible, tailored to suit you.

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You can expect a fast & efficient process, all the way from enquiring to being funded. In most cases, funding takes less than 72 hours!

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Our tailored debt consolidation loans are designed with each client in mind. You can move forwards with greater financial control and confidence.

Debt Consolidation Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Rather than paying different interest rates for each of your different loans, a debt consolidation loan ties all of these together into one, new interest rate. This rate is usually lower than what you were paying overall before, meaning you could save thousands each year!

As well as this, a consolidated loan is much easier to keep on top of since there is only 1 repayment to manage. Also, the new loan is on your terms, so if you would like to make larger monthly repayments and have a short repayment period or vice versa then you can.

There is far more leniency and control with a debt consolidation loan.

The initial enquiry and application for debt consolidation with Just Budget does not affect your credit rating.

While a hard credit enquiry may be applied at the point of receiving finance (this will be clearly communicated to you in advance), debt consolidation actually generally leads to an improved credit score. There are 3 main reasons for this:

  1. Easier to manage repayments
  2. By saving money on interest, you should have spare money to put aside to help you along the way if and when you need it.
  3. Your credit utilisation ratio will be excellent because all of your credit card debts are paid off in full at the point of entering into a debt consolidation loan.
    1. Put simply, your credit utilisation ratio (otherwise known as credit utilisation rate) is the % of debt that you currently owe, compared to your total debt. A credit utilisation ratio of 30% or lower is considered good and can improve your credit score.
    2. E.g. you have a $1,000 credit limit on your credit card, of which you are using $400 of. The formula is: Total Credit Debt / Total Credit Limit…
    3. (400 / 1,000) x 100 = 40%
    4. With a debt consolidation loan, your credit utilisation rate will be 0% because all of your credit cards will be paid off.

Debt consolidation is a fantastic opportunity. With greater control of your debts and reduced rates, you will be able to build a strong financial future for yourself in no time.

After your debt consolidation plan commences, you will no longer need to pay your original creditors. This means no more multiple, confusing payments at different times each month and no more harassing calls.

Instead, your entire debt will be rolled into one manageable package with 1 repayment schedule on your terms. This saves you time and makes life easier as you will only have 1 creditor to pay going forwards rather than multiple.


You can consolidate a wide range of debt, including credit cards.

After your credit cards have been consolidated, you will only have to manage 1 recurring payment on your terms, rather than having to juggle multiple credit cards which can be very confusing.

  • Lower or frozen interest rates
  • Only 1 repayment to manage
  • Only 1 repayment schedule
  • No more harassing calls from creditors
  • New loan terms agreed by you giving you greater control
  • Loan repayment length decided by you and how much you would like to repay each month.