Are your credit card debts are too much?
It can be easy to feel trapped by the weight of credit and store card debt. The experienced and caring team at Just Budget are here with credit card support to help you get on top of your debt.

Just Budget's Credit Card Debt Support

credit card debt support

Get Out From Under Your Credit Card Debt

In uncertain times, the last thing you want hanging over you is mounting debt. For some people, it can feel as if your credit card debts only seem to be growing, you can feel trapped. And more and more Australians are feeling that weight.

Helping Australians Rise Out Of Credit Card Debt

It’s important to feel as if you are moving forward. But, with multiple cards, credit and store cards, all with large balances, you feel as if you are going backwards.

Some people even find they are using one card to pay off another card, but that makes things even worse.

As with all things, there is a way to get ahead. We are specialist in reducing debt, helping people manage their payments and figuring out a budget and payment plan that works for you in the long term. It’s that simple.

credit card support for peace of mind

How Just Budget Can Help You

reduce your credit card debt in Australia

Reduce your credit card debt

Our team know how to communicate effectively with credit card companies and can help to reduce your interest, late payments and debt amount.

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Manage your credit card payments

If managing multiple credit card payments to get on top of your debt is getting the better of you, the team at Just Budget are here to help make this easier.

Improve your credit score

Pay your credit cards off faster

When you are paying your cards of consistently, not getting late fees and reducing your interest, you will reduce your debt and pay your debts and stay in control.

Overwhelmed By Credit Card Debt?

You Are Not Alone!

Right now is a difficult time for so many Australians. With massive unemployment, reduced working hours and an uncertain future, credit card debt is the last thing you want to worry about.

There is no need to feel embarrassed or helpless because we are here to help, whatever your situation, there is always a way forward.

  • Sudden job loss?
  • Health issues or disability?
  • Divorce/separation?
  • Increased rent or mortgage?

Australian Credit Card Facts

Number of credit cards in Australia

Number of credit cards in Australia

Average credit card debt in 2019

Average Credit Card Debt 2020

average debt with interest

Average Credit Card Debt With Interest

How Just Budget Can Help You Escape Credit Card Debt

Pay your way out of debt

We Can Help You Pay Your Way Out Of Credit Card Debt

With Just Budget, we can offer the best support to so you can learn strong financial habits, and we can help find a way to pay off that credit card debt. 

Just Budget can work with the credit card companies and manage the debt on your behalf, so you can get on with living again, minus the stress. No more annoying or stressful phone calls, no more scary letters.

Consider A Debt Consolidation Loan

Sometimes a debt consolidation loan is the only solution that makes sense. By combining your many debts into one loan, you only have one interest rate and one monthly payment that you need to manage, so there is less confusion and less juggling financially.

Debt consolidation loan
Credit Card Debt payment arrangement for Australian Debt Management

Informal Payment Arrangement

If you don’t quality for a debt consolidation loan, we work tirelessly to find alternative solutions. There are options out there which won’t be detrimental to your ability to borrow in the future. Just Budget are specialists in developing informal payment arrangements that mean you don’t have to resort to a Part IX Agreement. These are a last resort as it is part of the Bankruptcy Act and not an action to be taken lightly. We want to help you out of debt and be able to look forward to a bright financial future.

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"My credit cards get so out of control. I was using cards to pay off other cards and was too embarrassed to reach out. I was so happy that I called the caring guys at Just Budget as they helped me with the card companies and to get the debt back to payments I could afford. Thanks to them, I didn't have to deal with the card companies, as Just Budget did all that for me."