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Just Budget has helped thousands of Australians to get on top of their debts. We are rated 5* on Trustpilot for a reason. We care and we get results. Say goodbye to debt stress and start taking control with our help.

About Just Budget

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Who is Just Budget?

Just Budget are trusted debt support professionals with over 30 years in the finance industry. We are rated 5* on both Google and Trustpilot because what we do works. We literally change lives, and we could change yours too.

We specialise in reducing debts so that people can feel in control of their finances.

If you have multiple debts which, combined with your living expenses is too much for you to afford then we can negotiate a new plan with your creditors.

Just Budget debt support

How can Just Budget Help You?

After applying for financial help through our online application form:

  1. We’ll run you through your current monthly budget
  2. We’ll look at your debts and how much you owe each of your creditors.
  3. We’ll analyse this against your income to see if you can afford to pay your current obligations.

If you are struggling to get by and we deem you to be in financial hardship then we can step in:

  1. We can negotiate with your creditors on your behalf
  2. Your repayments could be paused or reduced
  3. Your interest rates could be frozen
  4. You could benefit from a new, reduced repayment plan
  5. You will no longer be harassed by creditors or have to make multiple separate repayments to different creditors – instead, you will only make repayments to Just Budget.
  6. At the end of the debt relief plan you could be debt free!

About the Just Budget Process

Complete Application Form

Our quick & easy online application form helps us to understand your current circumstances and gives us an overview of which form of debt relief is suitable to you.

Authority To Act Form

So we can stop the harassing phone calls and letters of demand, you can authorise us to take over negotiations with your creditors.

We Negotiate on Your Behalf

Just Budget will contact your creditors and negotiate a lower balance, interest and repayments on your behalf.

We Manage your payments

Just Budget will manage all the payments to your creditors to ensure payments are on time, every time so you don’t need to worry.