Pricing & Cancellation Policy

Just Budget aims to be both transparent and fair at all times. We have developed a Pricing & Cancellation Policy, which, as with all policies, have terms and conditions. These will be explained below:

Scope of Policy:

The Pricing & Cancellation Policy pertains to any financial obligations owed by you, our valued client, to Just Budget Pty Ltd or its duly authorized representatives, in connection with any incurred expenses.

Cancellation Cost: 

An early termination fee of $990.00 is payable within the first 36 months of engaging Just Budget where:

  • Just Budget has negotiated any payment arrangements with your creditors and you terminate the services of Just Budget; or
  • you default under this agreement by failing to make payment or failing to comply with your obligations, which results in Just Budget terminating the agreement.
In addition to the early termination fee, any outstanding payments will also be due. These include administration fees*, reimbursable expenses, moratorium fees, or debt waiver fees that may be applicable.
Administration fees* includes any outstanding:
  • Manual payment processing fees.
  • Credit file report expenses.
  • Dishonoured payment charges.
  • Bankruptcy search fees.
  • Direct debit and Bank fees.

Our early termination fees exist because the upfront costs of establishing your agreement and negotiating with creditors are higher than the setup fee we charge. We usually recover the remainder of those costs over time; however, early termination of the agreement prevents this.

Contact our team at 1300 795 775 to better understand your cancellation costs. We’re here to assist and provide clarity on any queries you may have.

Uncontrollable Circumstances:

There may be situations beyond Just Budget’s control, such as inaccuracies in the information provided during the application process. If omitted information significantly impacts your application’s outcome, refunds will not be feasible.

Debt Management Services:

Just Budget specializes in negotiating reduced repayments with your creditors. Our pricing structure includes a setup fee, which covers Debt Management Plan preparation and services such as:

  • Providing information on debt management options and their consequences.
  • Assisting in accessing “hardship assistance” with financial institutions.
  • Aiding in budget preparation.
  • Liaising with creditors for up-to-date debt information.
  • Crafting negotiation and debt management service proposals.
  • Advocating for your case with creditors.
  • Handling negotiation and debt management service forms.
  • Providing ongoing support throughout the process.
  • Addressing reasonable creditor requests.
  • Engaging with creditors to halt wage garnishments and further harassment.

Payment Structure:

In addition to the setup fee, Just Budget charges a management fee based on a percentage of your payments. These costs are explicitly detailed in your Appointment and Agreement Form. You will only be responsible for these costs after you have agreed to and signed the Appointment and Agreement Form.

Payment Arrangements:

You are not required to make upfront payments for these costs. Instead, they will be incorporated into your new repayment schedule throughout your engagement with us.

Agreement Confirmation:

By affixing your signature to the Just Budget Appointment and Agreement form, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions set forth in the Pricing & Cancellation Policy.


A moratorium is a legal or official suspension or delay of certain activities or obligations for a specified period. It is often used by financial institutions, or organizations to provide temporary relief or assistance to individuals.

If we find it necessary to request a moratorium from your creditors on your behalf, there will be a fee associated with this service.


You agree to collaborate with Just Budget, providing necessary information promptly to facilitate the fulfilment of our obligations. Failure to cooperate may impact your arrangement and could lead to its cancellation, with all outstanding fees to be fully recovered.

Performance Disclaimer:

You acknowledge that Just Budget cannot guarantee specific performance outcomes, and you will not hold Just Budget accountable for any failures, errors, or actions taken by third parties, even if Just Budget has been informed of potential damages.

Debt Recovery:

Outstanding costs are subject to collection by Just Budget Pty Ltd, authorized agents, or designated third parties.

Special Allowances:

On occasion, specific exemptions or adjustments may be applicable to the Pricing & Cancellation Policy.

Policy Amendments:

Please be aware that our Pricing & Cancellation Policy is subject to change without prior notice. If you require clarification or have any inquiries after reading this policy, do not hesitate to contact us at 1300 795 775.

Just Budget values your trust and aims to provide you with the best possible service while maintaining fairness and transparency in all our interactions.