Debt Reduction Get back in control of your debts

What is Debt Reduction?

debt-reductionMany organisations define debt reduction differently. The key aim of debt reduction at Just Budget is to make our client’s monthly payments affordable within the client’s budget for a period of time to allow them to get back in control of their situation.  In this way debt reduction can take many forms, including lower monthly repayments.  In some cases interest can be lowered or even frozen for a period of time which can add up to significant savings.

Debt reduction can be a delicate operation that changes from case to case. There is significant Australian legislation that protects people experiencing financial hardship. This legislation can be used to help people in debt, however if efficient debt negotiation isn’t conducted correctly credit providers can become very unhelpful. This can lead to unnecessary tension and lower chances of successfully lowering the monthly payments.

Debt reduction at Just Budget focuses on making your repayment plan fit within your budget. This is why Just Budget’s approach will be different for each of our clients. We aim to help our clients get back in control of their finances.

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An Example of Debt Reduction

Lucy was a single mother who was struggling with her debts. She had been in between jobs for three months, which had left huge debts on her credit cards. Because of her financial situation, she was unable to secure a debt consolidation loan. Even worse, she was unable to make her monthly repayments on her credit cards, meaning that her debts kept building and building. Lucy started receiving intimidating letters and phone calls from her credit providers, adding further to her stress.

Lucy called Just Budget and together they worked out a realistic budget that Lucy could afford. Just Budget then called Lucy’s creditors and explained her situation to them. Using their knowledge of Australian legislation and their debt negotiation skills, Just Budget helped to significantly reduce Lucy’s monthly payments for six months which allowed Lucy the time she needed to get back in control of her situation.  Lucy’s credit file was also preserved during this period.

After Just Budget has negotiated your debts under the hardship legislation, we then use our debt mediation services to help you continue to stay in control of your finances.