Let us deal with your creditors
Just Budget’s debt mediation services remove tension through acting as a mediator for communication with your creditors.

What Is Debt Mediation?

Debt Mediation

Facilitating  Discussions Between You And Your Creditors

Many organisations define debt mediation differently. This can make it very confusing for consumers who are looking for real debt solutions to help them get back in control of their finances. Just Budget’s proven debt management system is a comprehensive service that creates real results. This service is defined as “the process of mediating communication and payments between you and your creditors”.

When someone is unable to pay back their debts, a lot of tension can be built up between the creditor and the borrower. This tension often leads to miscommunication, which puts extra stress on the borrower and can also sadly lead to severe credit penalties. Just Budget’s debt mediation services remove these tensions through acting as a mediator for communication. This means that you do not need to deal with your creditors and with extra stress.

Efficient Debt Mediation

At Just Budget, debt mediation begins with us stopping intimidating communication from your creditor. This might include calls and letters. We then use our debt negotiation skills to mediate communication and to make your creditors understand your situation. Once we have set up a repayment schedule with your creditors, your monthly repayments can be simplified significantly. Instead of having to remember all of your different debts and when they need to get paid, Just Budget will take care of your creditors for you. We will ensure that all of our creditors are paid on time every month. This leaves you to only remember one monthly payment. The result is similar to a debt consolidation loan, however you don’t need to borrow any more money!

debt negotiation

Overcome Those Debts And Get Back In Control

Just Budget’s debt mediation services are designed to make your life easier. We can remove the stress of dealing with your creditors, leaving you to focus on your life. Our proven debt management system does not require you to borrow any more money. It is designed to preserve and improve your credit rating. Through this, Just Budget can help you truly overcome your debts and get back in control of your finances.