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Are you avoiding talking about your money worries because it stresses you out?  We can take over and do the hard work for you.

Just Budget Debt Mediation

Debt Mediation?

Just Budget Debt Support

How Does Debt Mediation work?

What Is Debt Mediation?

Debt Mediation

Facilitating  Discussions Between You And Creditors

Many organisations define debt mediation differently. This can make it very confusing for consumers who are looking for real debt solutions to help them get back in control of their finances. Just Budget’s proven debt management system is a comprehensive service that creates real results. This service is defined as “the process of mediating communication and payments between you and your creditors”.

When someone is unable to pay back their debts, a lot of tension can be built up between the creditor and the borrower. This tension often leads to miscommunication, which puts extra stress on the borrower and can also sadly lead to severe credit penalties. Just Budget’s debt mediation services remove these tensions through acting as a mediator for communication. This means that you do not need to deal with your creditors and with extra stress.

Debt Mediation Stops Creditor Intimidation

At Just Budget, debt mediation begins with us stopping intimidating communication from your creditor. This might include calls and letters. We then use our debt negotiation skills to mediate communication and to make your creditors understand your situation.

Once we have set up a repayment schedule with your creditors, your monthly repayments can be simplified significantly. Instead of having to remember all of your different debts and when they need to get paid, Just Budget will take care of your creditors for you. We will ensure that all of our creditors are paid on time every month.

This leaves you to only remember one monthly payment. The result is similar to a debt consolidation loan, however, you don’t need to borrow any more money!

Debt Management System

Debt Mediation Can Ease Debt Related Stress

Just Budget’s debt mediation services are designed to make your life easier. We can remove the stress of dealing with your creditors, leaving you to focus on your life. Our proven debt management system does not require you to borrow any more money.

It is designed to preserve and improve your credit rating. Through this, Just Budget can help you truly overcome your debts and get back in control of your finances.

The Debt Mediation Process

The process of debt mediation is simple:

Use The Budget Planner

Work out your budget in detail to determine your income vs your expenditure. This helps highlights your ability to pay your creditors.

Let's Talk Debt Mediation

We will work with you to find the right solution to suit your situation. We assist in resolving conflict or debt-related issues.

Mediation with Creditors

We work with creditors for you finding terms to suit both parties. Our specialists liaise with creditors. With Just Budget your are in safe hands.

Enjoy A Stress-Free Future

Once an agreement is reached then you can expect less debt stress with reduced debt, better terms or debt conflicts resolved.

Debt Mediation Frequently Asked Questions

Established and trusted since 2013, Just Budget exists solely to help people just like you to take greater control of their finances.

From our caring debt support specialists, to our free online budget planner, to our expert team of debt negotiators; Just Budget’s #1 priority is to help you to build a positive financial future.

With our help, you can expect to be better at budgeting and depending upon your situation, have your debts frozen or reduced.

Enquiring with Just Budget is a soft enquiry and will therefore have no impact on your credit report. The is also no obligation to proceed, once you enquire.

Just Budget specialist debt consultants are ready to come to the rescue, so you improve your financial situation in the long term, not to make it worse by struggling to pay everything at full interest with loads of fees and unrealistic payment schedules. Our team hand handpicked individuals who offer understanding and compassion, as well as a wealth of knowledge of debt legislation.

Enquiring with Just Budget is obligation-free and has absolutely no impact on your credit score.

If at any point in the process, there is a chance that your credit score might be adversely affected, we will let you know in advance. The Just Budget team takes values above all else, trust and transparency. We enjoy helping our customers to take control of their finances and get back to enjoying life.

After entering into a debt mediation plan with Just Budget, we take your creditors off your hands, so the persistent phone calls and letters will stop.

By successfully negotiating a new plan on your behalf, we will arrange the payments of your multiple debts. You will only need to have a single repayment.

Your creditors will never have a missed payment and you will avoid late fees and future defaults.

You won’t have to directly pay your original creditors any more. This takes away from debt confusion and creditors having to remind you to pay.

The upside of an arrangement like this is that you always know where you stand financially. Having completed a budget planner you know in advance how much money you have to live on and where it goes. Defaults will not keep appearing on your credit report, nor will late payments. Lastly, as you will be paying down your debt, in time your credit score will improve and you will be back in control.

The process of debt mediation is designed to help disputing parties in resolving conflict through the use of communication and negotiation techniques. This process is highly specialised and does cost a fee.

The fee will vary depending upon your personal situation. However, in the grand scheme of things, this fee should be a fraction of how much stress and money you could save following successful debt mediation.