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Just Budget’s Debt Relief Services

Our debt management services

Just Budget Debt Relief is a well respected and trusted company operating in the personal budgeting, debt relief and debt mediation industry. Our debt relief and management services can help you get back in control of your debts while you get back in control of your financial situation.

Our team is highly experienced in helping people based on their individual circumstances. We are able to work effectively with credit providers to reach improved, agreed payment terms and then manage these payments on behalf of our clients.

The Just Budget goal is to remove the intense pressure from our clients and help them take control of their finances, with less stress. With our support, we can provide solutions so that you don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder forever. Stop worrying about your money and get your creditors off your back.

Due to our industry contacts and close working relationships with credit providers, Just Budget are often able to deliver our clients a much more positive outcome, even if they had been unable to resolve the matter themselves in the past.

Just budget step 1

Step 1 - Set Your Budget

Our debt management system will help you establish what you can afford to pay your creditors based on your current circumstances.
Just budget step 2

Step 2 - Arrange Payment Terms

We will work with your creditors and arrange for them to accept payments based on your financial situation for a period of time, typically six months.
Just budget step 3

Step 3 - We Can Manage Your Payments

We’ll manage all the payments to your creditors to make sure they are paid on time, every time so you don’t need to worry about it again.

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