Our Proven Debt Management System Get back in control of your debts

Our Proven Debt Management Systemdebt management system

Our debt management system has been designed to give you a complete debt management solution to get you back in control and make sure your creditors area paid on time every time.  Just Budget is here to help you.

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A Debt Management System that Really Works

Just Budget’s proven debt management system has helped hundreds of Australians who were struggling with their debts. Our unique process has been designed to help you in many ways and our expert team will go above and beyond to truly understand your situation.


Just Budget will:

Take the time to understand your financial situation
Our debt management system starts with you. We start by learning about your financial situation. Together we’ll look at your income and your bills, and work out what you are able to afford while you get back in control of your situation. We’ll also look at your creditors and help you to identify what needs urgent attention.
Work directly with your creditors and arrange payments you can afford
Once your budget is set, we’ll work with the people you owe money to and arrange for them to accept payments you can afford. In many cases this is hundreds if not thousands of dollars less than what they may be asking for.
Take the pressure off you
Work with the hardship legislation to give you the relief you need and to give you space to get back in control of your situation.
As we will be dealing with your creditors on your behalf, we’ll make sure the phone calls and letters stop so they won’t bother you.
Manage your payments
Once we have arranged for your creditors to accept payments based on your financial situation, we’ll manage your payments for you. We’ll make sure each party is paid on time every time, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.
We will do all in our power to help you to keep a good credit file
Unlike a formal debt agreement such as a Part Nine Debt Agreement, which can seriously affect your credit file for up to five years, no such listing will be recorded on your credit file due to our involvement. A credit provider may list that an application for financial assistance or hardship has been made, however this is not in itself a negative listing. In fact, our involvement will in many cases stop a credit provider listing a payment default or other negative listing.


Just Budget’s proven debt management system has helped hundreds of Australians to take back control of their lives. 

You don’t need to be stuck in debt prison any longer. Break fee and take back control today! Just Budget’s debt management system is here to help