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Just Budget’s Tailored Debt Management Systemsdebt management systems

Just Budget has helped many Australia’s to get back in control of their lives. Every one of our clients is different and that is why we tailor our process to each individual’s situation and needs. Through this, we work with our clients to create personal debt management systems that truly help them.


Testimonials: Successful Debt Management Systems

Please find below testimonials from our clients. 

“You have helped me through the toughest and most embarrassing situations of my life. You know all of my worst financial troubles and personal problems and still treat me with respect. You are my most trusted advisor and a dear friend thank you. Thank you.”

Agnes – Western Sydney

“When my fiancé left me with all of our debt I didn’t know where to turn, after talking to you it was like you lifted a weight that was dragging me down, thanks again. I will never forget what you have done.”

Jason – Far North QLD

“Thank you for all of your help; I can’t believe how easy you made it.”

Rose – Melbourne

“We were behind on my mortgage, credit cards and car payments. We were ready to throw it all in and tell the bank to take the lot. You helped us get back on track and saved our lives. Thank you so much for your understanding and kindness in the worst situation that we have ever faced.”

Helen & Graham – Western Sydney

“Words can’t express how grateful we are; every time we have an issue you solve it. I am comfortable knowing that our financial future is in your hands.”

Steven & Sharon – NSW

“Before the finical crisis I was earning good money and living very comfortably. Due to the downturn in the market I was forced to take a new job earning less than half my previous wage. I was receiving 20 or 30 calls a week from debt collectors and didn’t know what to do. Im now back on track and paying all my bills on time. Thanks.”

Robert – Melbourne

“Thank you so much for your kind words and understanding. I wish I had met you sooner.”

Warwick – Sydney

“I haven’t heard from a debt collector in 3 years. I cant explain how much I appreciate your efforts. Thank you for all of your help.”

Mrs. K – VIC

“I am so glad that you’re on my side, like my own guardian angel with a hint of watch dog. I don’t know where I would be with all of your help. You are the greatest.”

Debby – Bribane


At Just Budget, we work together with our clients to develop debt management systems that truly work with them. If you are overwhelmed with debt, call Just Budget today and get back in control!

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