Top tips to redecorate your home without breaking budget Get back in control of your debts

redecorate your home without breaking budget

If you are moving homes or just revamping your existing living space, redecorating you home can be a great way to increase the value of your home while giving you a more desirable living space at the same time. Achieving a more polished look is easy to come by with just a few touches and without breaking budget. Take a quick walk through your home and you can probably see some places that could use a splash of color.

Redecorate without breaking budget

Doorways are a great place to create a theme for the room that you are in. Interior doorways can be overlooked sometimes when decorating but they are one of the most important points in any room. Matching frames with skirting or using doors as a focal point are tricks that decorators use. Thinking green and touching up an outdoor space can make a big difference without breaking budget. An outdoor space is a wonderful place to entertain or to wind down after a long work week and an over sized pot with a weather-appropriate plant can be a great visual piece. If you have the space to install a small herb garden or vegetable patch it can even shave off the cost of your grocery bill and add a relaxing environment at the same time.

Color affects our moods and a new coat of paint in a bright color can brighten your home and your mood. It is always best to have a test sample of the color you choose so you can see how it looks in your home at different times of day and next to your furniture for a while before you commit. Budgeting for painting a room might take some planning so consider the cost and benefits for your particular space. A coat of paint can add a lot of value to a home and can usually be done without breaking budget.

Kitchens and bathrooms can be messy so consider cabinets with rollers to maximize your space. Hide away bins and cleaning materials to keep the place looking tidy. Proper lighting can mean a big difference between night and day. Consider upgrading to newer and more efficient lights without breaking budget. This can also uplift your mood patterns.

Up-styling your home is easy and does not have to put you in the poor house but make sure not to be too cheap. The value you add to your home can be long lasting so look into debt management systems and budget help from Just budget when you consider taking a loan for renovations.

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