Application Terms and Conditions

Terms of Agreement

1. The parties agree to enter this agreement on the date as per the Just Budget Pty Ltd Authority to Act form.

2. The customer will authorise Just Budget Pty Ltd to access private information as determined in the Privacy Act 1988 per the Authority to Act form

3. The Customer will advise Just Budget Pty Ltd of the true financial position at the time of entering this agreement to the best of their ability either by completing the “Statement of Financial Position” form supplied or through completion of a verbal questionnaire consistent with the “Statement of Financial Position” document.

4. The Customer will consent to Just Budget Pty Ltd contacting its creditors, as agreed in the Privacy Act Consent and Declaration

5. The Customer agrees to pay Just Budget Pt Ltd the application fee as per the Letter of Appointment.

6. The Customer agrees to pay to the agreed monthly management fee as per the Letter of Appointment. The Customer agrees that in the event of a dishonored direct debit payment a fee of $25.00 per dishonoured payment will apply. The Customer agrees that should the terms of the payments to the creditors be changed at the customer’s request a new application fee as per the Letter of Appointment will apply.

7. Just Budget may terminate the agreement early under the following circumstances without financial penalty to the Customer:

a. The value of debts outstanding by the Customer to its Creditors are reduced to a zero balance prior to the expiration of the  agreement or;

b. The Customer becomes enabled to consolidate their Debts to a single creditor and has supplied written notice to Just Budget Pty Ltd 30 days prior to the termination of the agreement.

c. The Customer fails in its obligations to render payments to Just Budget Pty Ltd under the agreed payment plan.

8. Just Budget Pty Ltd agrees to comply with all relevant state and federal legislation concerning your private information and financial obligations and to act in the best interest of the customer.

9. The Customer agrees to comply with all reasonable directives of Just Budget Pty Ltd in attempts to mediate acceptable solutions for both the Customer and its Creditors.

10. Just Budget Pty Ltd is unable to attempt to negotiate reduced payments for accounts that were approved less than eight weeks from the date of the signed Letter of Authority. This does not apply to management only.  

11. This agreement may be amended by the exchange of letters between Just Budget Pty Ltd and the Customer. Such amendments must be mutually accepted and once approved by both parties, will become part of this Memorandum of Agreement.

12. Fees

Application fee: This fee covers the opening of your file and negotiation with your creditors.  Please note this fee must be paid in full prior to any payments being made to creditors and that 50% of this fee must be paid before Just Budget Pty Ltd will make contact with your creditors on your behalf.

Management fee: This fee is paid monthly and covers the ongoing maintenance and payment of the accounts we are managing on your behalf.

Review fee: Your creditors may require a review of your accounts from time to time.  If this is required Just Budget Pty Ltd reserves the right to charge a fee of $165.00 Inc GST per account reviewed.

Re establishment fee: Should the arrangement/s entered with creditors be broken due to non payment, and at the request of the client Just Budget attempts to re-establish the agreement/s with creditors a re-establishment fee of $550.00 including GST will apply.  Please note this fee is payable in full prior to submitting a reestablishment proposal to creditors.

13. Right to close file due to non-payment: Should Just Budget Pty Ltd not be able to maintain arrangements entered with creditors on clients behalf we reserve the right to close the file.

14. I acknowledge that Just Budget Pty Ltd may apply, obtain and review a copy of my credit report from any credit reporting agency.