How has coronavirus/COVID 19 affected Just Budget?
As the pandemic COVID-19 situation changes the way we live, many people have questions about how it may affect finances and our services. Just Budget has taken all precautions and our debt management services will remain here to help you.

Just Budget’s Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the current situation which is developing, Just Budget’s team have been set up to work remotely, with the same workstations and phones at in our office under non-pandemic circumstances. These are connected to our secure central server. This secure server is located in our main office and all data is protected. This means our staff are complying with all social distancing and self isolation for the protection of staff and the greater community.

Our operations continue as before, with no interruptions to the services we provide.

Totally! Yes. Our secure server has the latest safeguards and this means your data is safe. These security measures that apply to our systems and apply to staff working remotely.  Your data is stored on highly secure servers, accessed only by the staff who need that information.

We have a full team, dedicated to helping Australians during this difficult time. Our staff are currently working around the clock to ensure that you are not affected due to the increased demand for our debt relief services.

Let us say first, as Australians, we all in this together. Our caring and understanding staff are here to help in whatever way we can. Please get in touch so we can discuss your options, go over your current financial obligations, house hold expenses and sources of income. The sooner you get in touch the better, so we can get develop a plan moving forward.

We are here for you. We help talk to creditors, and work out a sustainable plan for you during the tough times ahead.

Make sure you find out all the benefit that you are entitled to claim, if you aren’t sure visit MoneySmart’s COVID19 page.

Remember, you are not alone in this.

No, the credit providers may report that you have applied for assistance under financial hardship however this is not a negative default listing. Once you have applied for assistance, the credit provider can only report the payment as overdue if they advise their intention to do so prior to entering the arrangements, or if your arrangements aren’t maintained.

While we have a credit license and can offer debt consolidation, personal and business loans, our primary service is to assist Australians, doing it tough, with debt management through our proven Debt Management Plan vary the payment schedules of your existing accounts to suit your financial situation.

We will assess your situation carefully and advise as to the best course of action. Where possible we try to implement informal debt agreements, but if the situation calls for a formal debt arrangement or bankruptcy, we can help you through the process.

We will manage any account that you ask us to, we recommend that you give us as much as possible to reduce the pressure of managing multiple debts.

We can have an authority in place and be acting on your behalf within a few days.

Yes, once we notify your creditors that we are acting on your behalf they are obligated to speak with us and cannot contact you directly during our involvement.

We will do all of the negotiating with your creditors and set up each individual payment arrangement.

We will. After we set a budget for your debt payments we will start debiting the required amount from you and we take care of all of the repayments.

The amount that you pay is determined by your overall financial position and not by what you owe. Your budget is designed to suit your needs and commitments and is not influenced by aggressive debt collectors or creditors.

All consumer finance products are subject to the National Credit Protection Act and are required to consider all reasonable applications for variations that will improve your ability to meet the contractual obligations.