11 Best Cheap Kids Easter Gifts Under $10

Easter On A Budget – 11 Best Cheap Easter Gifts Under $10

Looking to buy Easter gifts on a budget? Here are the 11 best cheap kids Easter gifts under $10! Save money & spread joy this easter.

Easter is the perfect time to celebrate with family and friends, and fill your bellies with some delicious chocolate! Of course, this time of year can add up, which makes it hard to stick to a budget. If you’re looking for some fabulous Easter presents of the non-chocolate variety that won’t break the bank, then we have you sorted. Here are the best cheap kids Easter gifts under $10.

Best Cheap Kids Easter Gifts Under $10

Are you after the best cheap kids Easter gifts under $10? We have it! Make Easter shopping a breeze with these amazing gift ideas that everyone will love. From young to old, we have you sorted with the best cheap kids Easter gifts under $10 for a budget-friendly Easter.

1. Paint Your Own Easter Plaster Set

It’s time to get creative with this paint your own easter plaster set. Of all the cheap kids easter gifts out there, this one is guaranteed to keep the kids occupied for hours. This set comes with 2 cute bunny plasters, 12 different coloured paint pots and a paint brush! At only $8 from Kmart, you might as well be stealing this set! Shop here.

Paint your own easter plaster set

2. Easter Decoration Pack

Easter doesn’t get much sweeter than these three little bunnies! They’re perfect for adults and kids alike and can be used as decorations or toys. You get all three colours in the one pack, to suit any décor. It’s just $8 for all three! Shop here.

Easter Decoration Pack

3. Easter Bubble Sticker Activity Case

Kids love stickers! There is plenty of Easter fun to be hand with this bubble sticker set. It comes with four books – each one with new activities to enjoy – and a sheet of 3D bubble stickers. It’s the perfect way to keep them entertained over the holidays for just $10! Shop Here. Shop here.

Easter Bubble Sticker Activity Case

4. Personalised Easter Baskets

Make Easter extra special with a personalised easter egg hunting basket. This is one of our favourite cheap kids easter gifts. They come in blue and pink and you get to pick the name, so you can get one for each of the kids. They’re just $9 each and another great small business to support. Shop here.

Personalised Easter Baskets

5. We’re Going On An Egg Hunt

Books are always a popular choice and one that can be enjoyed year after year. This gorgeous lift-the-flap book is plenty of fun, as kids go on an egg hunt within the pages. It’s a great, read-out-loud story that can be brought out every Easter. It’s just $8 at Big W. Shop here.

6. Fluffy Bunny Slippers

With these fluffy bunny slippers, your daughter can feel warm and cozy and look cute! What better way to run around the house finding eggs for the treasure hunt than in these bunny slippers? Big W sells these for just $8. Shop here.

fluffy bunny slippers

7. Easter Egg Candle

It’s always nice to support a small business during the holiday season, and with gifts this sweet, you’ll find it hard to resist! These stunning polkadot candles are in the shape of Easter eggs, making them perfect for a holiday gift, which can be used all year long. You can choose from a whole range of colours, such as green, pink, white, green and more, and they’re just $8.06 each! Shop here.

Easter Egg Candle

8. Easter Earrings

How adorable are these Easter earrings! Imagine walking around with cute, fluffy bunnies hanging from your ear. The perfect holiday gift for someone who loves a bit of quirky fun! They start at just $9.39 making them a nice and affordable present too. Shop here.

Easter Earrings

9. Easter Bunny Stick Puzzle

This adorable puzzle is set to entertain on Easter morning. It’s simple enough for kids to do on their own, while also getting them thinking at the same time. A cute basket filler for Easter morning to keep little hands busy (and away from the chocolate for a little bit!). They’re just $9.40 each. Shop here.

Easter Bunny Stick Puzzle

10. Bluey: Easter Fun!

What kid doesn’t just love Bluey! This fun-filled craft book will keep little people busy over the Easter period with lots of Easter activities that the whole family can enjoy. From cutting and making, to outdoor activity ideas, at just $8.75, this book is a must-have! Shop here.

Bluey Easter Fun

11. Wine & Beer Labels

Make someone’s Easter with these beer and wine labels for the grown-ups. Such a quirky idea, and perfect if you were already planning on bringing along a bottle to share on the day! A perfect activity for the whole family – the kids can decorate and the adults can drink! Why not add this special touch for just $8. Shop here.

Wine & Beer Labels

Other Cheap Kids Easter Gifts

Don’t forget, everyone always loves chocolate! Head into your local supermarket and you will no-doubt find plenty of bargains for under $10 to add to the Easter present stash. If you didn’t catch the early bird discounts then Easter Chocolate is usually heavily discounted when purchased last minute or even a day late (if you can wait)!

When it comes to chocolate and fun cheap kids easter gifts, Kmart wins hands down. You can check out their range of Easter gifts here – it’s immense!

Easter on a budget

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