Aggressive Creditor Tactics Don’t Work on Us Get back in control of your debts

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Intimidating Creditor Tactics

When calling a creditor today to discuss a financial hardship issue for one of our clients, we discovered an immature and irresponsible automated phone message. After calling up and pressing “2” to signal we were calling on behalf of our client, we heard the following automated voice recording:

Under the Privacy Act we cannot give information to a third party without the prior written consent of the account holder.

After this message their phone system then promptly hung up on us, despite the fact that we already had written confirmation from our client.

This automated phone trap is a cowardly attempt to dissuade borrowers from seeking help. But don’t worry, intimidating creditor tactics don’t work on us. Here at Just Budget, we work hard to make sure your financial hardship is taken into consideration and we can help you take back control of your finance.

Some creditors will try any tactic to intimidate borrowers into paying them. To do so, banks and lending companies sometimes try to block out third party organisations that are trying help their clients survive. At Just Budget, we know all the tricks that creditors use and we know how to bypass them.

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